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CARE International Japan
2-2-1 Mejiro,Toshima-ku,Tokyo 171-0031, Japan
Tel. 03-5950-1335
Fax. 03-5950-1375

How does your organization help people in a specific area?
CAREfs mission is to help poor people by delivering relief in emergencies, improving their capacity for self help, providing economic opportunity, influencing policies, and addressing discrimination.What we do in each country/ region/ community depends on the specific needs which are identified by the people themselves with the help of CARE.

Q: Where does your organization help?
A: We work in over 70 countries around the world, including those in Asia, Africa, Latin America, Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Q: How do you decide which places need help the most?
We use available data (i.e. which country or region has the most number of very poor people, high illiteracy rate, or highest ratio of people living with HIV/AIDS), as well as information we collect from needs assessments and research (i.e. discussion with local leaders and community members) and decide where to work in consultation with other stakeholders (i.e. local government, United Nations, and NGOs).

Q: What is your real motive in every place you help?
A: Our sole purpose is to help the poor improve their lives. Our goal is to empower the poor so that they are able to fulfil their rights, whether it is access to clean water, better education, or having a voice in decisions that affect their lives.We would ultimately like to see the communities doing well on their own, without the help of CARE.

Q: If I donated money, would it actually go to the people?
A: The donations we receive are used to implement projects that aim to assist those in need. For example, if we are providing relief to cyclone victims in Myanmar, there are several things that need to happen.We have to conduct a quick survey among the affected communities to determine what is most needed and how much is needed (travel costs), purchase relief items such as clean water or food in bulk from a local vendor (cost of purchase), deliver the items to the communities in large trucks (transportation costs), keep the rest in a warehouse to deliver the following week (warehousing costs), keep a record of the number of items purchased and delivered, including how many to whom, so we can report to our donors (office supply costs), and send this information from our Myanmar office to our Tokyo office (communication costs)..All this is done by CARE staff and our partner NGOs (salaries).Unless all of these covered, we cannot deliver immediate relief to the communities who need our help.


CARE International Japan office is located about 15 minutes' walking distance from both JR Mejiro Station and Yurakucho Line Gokokuji Station(Exit 1). From Fukutoshin Line Zoushigaya Station(Exit 3), only 3 minutes. If you would like to visit our office, please contact us beforehand.

Directions from JR Mejiro Station
Turn right upon exiting the station, and continue walking straight. Carry on walking past the Mejiro Police Station and the Chitose-bashi Police Box. You will see a Family Mart; our office is located above it, on the second floor.

Directions from Yurakucho Line Gokokuji Station(Exit 1)
From the exit 1, turn right onto Shinobazu Dori, and continue walking straight up the hill. Turn right when you get to the crossroad with Mejiro Dori. You will see a Family Mart; our office is located above it, on the second floor.

Directions from Fukutoshin Line Zoushigaya Station(Exit 3)
From the exit 3, turn left and after a few minutes walk, you will see a Family Mart; our office is located above it, on the second floor.