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What we do

gIf there is no school, build oneh; gif deforestation is occurring, plant trees.h Do these actions alone really solve our current problems? The qights-aased `pproach (RBA) advocated by CARE offers opportunities for local communities to think about their problems and to take charge of their own future. Our work is to assist local communities in the problem-solving process and to draw out their will to live and to support it.

Projects supported by CARE International Japan (as of May 2006)

Cambodia: Girlsf Education Project gSamaki KumarUg
Human Resource Development for Community (HRDC) Project

Sri Lanka
Tea Estate Assistance Project (TEA Project)
Psychosocial Support for School Communities Affected by the Tsunami

Community Organised Primary Education (COPE)

Water Tankering and Desludging for Tsunami-affected IDP communities

Domestic Activities

While carrying out overseas projects on the one hand, CARE International Japan also endeavours to inform the public about its work through a variety of domestic activities, including presentations on projects, participation in events, and distributing publicity material.