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CARE staff blog from Gaza

Jawad Harb is a Palestinian living in Rafah, Gaza, with his wife and six children. Harb has worked with CARE since 2002, managing a program supporting womenfs centres in Gaza. Since the conflict began Dec. 27, Harbfs program has stopped operating because of the constant bombing.
Jawad Harb @(C)CARE  

2009/1/29 - Dad, why did my friend die?
2009/1/19 - Today I am hopeful.
2009/1/12 - "Were my friends at school when it was bombed?"
2009/1/9 - Ali Baba and the war on Gaza
2009/1/8 - At night, we hear screaming and crying
2009/1/7 - For a few hours, life was almost normal
2009 /1/7- gDad, when are we going to die?h
2008/12/30 - Temporary forever
Jawad Harb helps his children study by the light of gas lanterns, as there is no electricity. @(C)CARE

Please read the press release below. Jawad and his family survived a heavy Israeli bombardment that hit his neighbourhood in Rafah on Jan. 13th.
Rafah eyewitness: CARE aid worker bombed with his family