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Who is CARE?

About CARE

CARE, founded in 1945, is a humanitarian organization fighting global poverty. CARE has offices in 70 developing and war-torn countries in Asia, Africa, South America and the Middle East. Having a staff off approximately 500 international experts and 12,000 local staff, and managing almost JPY 80 billion worth of aid annually, CARE is one of the most prominent international NGOs in the world. CARE provides long-term support in a wide range of fields such as: income generation, education, health, water and sanitation, HIV/AIDS, environment, agricultural development, natural resource management. Furthermore, in times of war or crisis, CARE uses its global network to deliver immediate relief to affected communities.

CARE has firmly maintained its neutrality vis-a-vis various religions and political groups. For its high level of expertise and proven track record, CARE is highly recognised and trusted, not only by the communities it serves, but by a wide range of organizations, such as the UN, and donor countries.

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Our Mission
CARE supports individuals and families in the most disadvantaged communities in the world and enables them to live with dignity and become self-sufficient. We aim not only to satisfy a minimum standard of life such as access to sufficient food and clean water, but also to provide people with the education and economic opportunities which will enable them to determine their own future. In order to achieve this objective, CARE identifies the underlying causes of poverty and draws out the peoplefs will to live, and helps to strengthen it,while simultaneously proviidng economic opportunities and making policy recommendatios.
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