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CARE International Japan is a Japan charity and international humanitarian aid organization fighting global poverty, with a special focus on empowering women and girls to bring lasting change to their communities.
CARE International Japan
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Getting involved

Donate to provide hope, dignity and economic opportunity

Help CARE fight poverty and respond to desperate need by making a tax-deductible gift today.
With your support we can:

  • Help poor family send their children to school
  • Help people learn skills to start and sustain their own businesses
  • Deliver emergency aid when disaster strikes
  • Help women build a better life for themselves, their families and their communities

To Give by Post office transfer (no transaction fee):

Please make transfers to the account below:

CARE International Japan's account number at Japan Post: 00150-4-49006
CARE International Japan (公益財団法人 ケア・インターナショナル ジャパン)

*Your contribution goes further when you allow us to apply it to those countries and programs most in need of funding by donating our General Fund.
*if you would like to make a donation toward a specific program, please indicate the area of a program such as Education/Emergency relief/Health, Water & Sanitation/HIV/AIDS.

To Give by Phone with a credit card or bank transfer:

For more information how to contribute with a credit card/bank transfer,
Please call at 03-5944-9931

To Give by fax or mail with a credit card:

Simply print out and fill out the form and mail it with credit card information.

Contact US:

CARE International Japan
TEL: 03-5944-9931/FAX 03-5950-1375
E-mail: bokin@careintjp.org